Ya'll Come See Us Soon!

Lynwood Lynch

Hollonville Opry House


The Hollonville Opry Fundraiser Event!

A note from Charlotte Kirkland.

Walking back thru the years. It was an warm spring evening back in 1991. I came home from work and Harold had a nice supper on the table all ready to be eaten. Harold's plant had closed and he was lucky enough to get an early retirement so he often had supper ready when I got home. He's a pretty good cook too, i might add. This particular evening while we were eating he began telling me about his day. He had been invited to Bobby Chambers's home to do a little guitar picking. Jimmy Hatchett was also there. Harold said during a break from picking, Bobby and Jimmy told him that a group of folk had scheduled a meeting that evening to discuss starting up a new music venue. The meeting was to be held at Jack & Maggie Martin's home. Bobby said he did not plan to attend but Jimmy said he planned to go and Jimmy invited Harold and I to also come to the meeting. Harold and I discussed whether to go or not. We did not know the people who were to be at the meeting very well; but Harold was highly interested in getting involved in music so the decision was made to go. What did we have to loose we thought. We quickly finished our meal and headed out the door. We had never been to the Martin home before but Harold had been given some good directions so we had no trouble finding their house. On that back porch that early spring evening were 20 people - Lanier Johnson & his wife Erle along with their daughter, Lou Lane; Jimmy & Darnell Hatchett and their nephew Houston Hatchett; Ken & Edna Jones; Dora & Larry Lawrence; Bob & Alice Chapman; Ruby & Lawrence Matthews, Lynwood & Bobbie Lynch; Harold and I and of course Jack & Maggie Martin. The meeting was successfully held that warm spring evening and a musical organization came to be. Officers & managers were elected. It was also decided that we would be a non profit Incorporated organization and we would operate on donations only. Also, we wanted it to be a family place with no alcohol and no profanity. Wow! Harold and I got up that morning with not even a thought that we would within a few hours become members of a newly created music organization. We now had an organization but we needed a location. Mr. Johnson offered up the ole seed barn on his property if the men thought it could be remodeled enough to work. The men decided they thought with enough materials and dedicated hard labor they could make that ole seed barn into something special and they did and with nary a penny of financial pay The name of the organization came fairly easily based on the location - right dab smack in the middle of the little community of Hollonville. Therefore the Hollonville Opry House was selected for the name - a name that would soon become associated with good music, good fellowship and good clean fun. I don't think any of us at that meeting that night ever thought for a minute of what a blessing their newly created musical organization would become or the lives it would touch. Yes, in my opinion, we were witnessing the start of a miracle that night way back in 1991. God putting the right people together. People who gave of their time, their labor, their finances and who successfully worked together sharing their variety of abilities and talents and turned that ole seed barn into a beautiful rural venue where musicians could come share their talents with folk who definitely appreciated their music. And, God willing and with His help, , we hope to witness and be a part of another miracle. Charlotte Kirkland. January 30, 2019 .


The Hollonville Opry House has closed